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Hoax Slayer

Have you ever received an email and thought this can not be real of I wonder if that is true?

Hoax Slayer is a web site that is dedicated to debunking hoaxes, scams and spam emails but sometimes you may be surprised at the results. To find out more go to


"Bear Computers was recommended to me by a friend and I have been extremely pleased I took her advice and called them up.

They have been in charge of the servicing or repair of my computer for some time now. They offer an excellent, prompt service at a great price. They have done minor repairs and a rebuild over this time and they are always available should I need to call them up for advice.

Thank you Bear Computers. I will continue to recommend you to all my family and friends, or to anyone else who is looking for friendly reliable service, such as you offer."

- Wendy Ranger -

"Just prior to Christmas our PC died literally we contacted Bear Computers and they arrived within a few hours and took our old computer away and built a new tower. They delivered this back to us the next day with all our files and programmes saved onto our new hardware all of this was done within the quoted price which was very reasonable.

In the last week we had an old CD shatter in the disc drive. Bear Computers were out within an hour and replaced the damaged drive caused by the shattering disc. As we are reliant on the computer for our business we are really appreciative of the top class service provided to us by Bear Computers."

- J Blease -

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